Weird Collinwood

Do You Believe in Ghosts and Angels?

Society can choose to believe or not believe in the existence of ghosts and angels. Just because we can’t see them doesn’t mean that they don’t exist. In the Bible and for centuries, the mention of ghosts, angels, spirits, apparitions, and visions of the dead have been reported. So then, how can so many be considered to be wrong in their beliefs? The concept of life after death isn’t new. Many know that our heavenly creator promised us everlasting life. But the unknown is just as mysterious as it ever was and increasingly intriguing as we experience the paranormal and psychic shows on TV. Is there truth to this phenomenon? How can mediums bring information forward from a loved one with such accuracy, including personal detail? Why are there so many people who tell stories about how an angel saved their life or the life of a loved one?

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Volume 5, Issue 9, Posted 10:17 AM, 10.11.2013

Call to Cars for the 2nd annual Boardwalk Car Cruise!

The date is set! Saturday, July 23rd the SS+W Boardwalk will be hosting its 2nd Annual Classic Car Cruise. Entertainment for this year will include The Del Rio Bandits as well as The Madison Crawl. Stop by the Boardwalk and register your car now for only $10! More info to come next issue !

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Volume 3, Issue 4, Posted 8:35 AM, 06.05.2011

Flashback in time at the Boardwalk

On February 19th, we hosted a theme party at the SS+W Boardwalk. With a goal to create a roaring 20s atmosphere, I’d say we were pretty successful! We had a packed house of gangsters and flappers, enjoying some “bathtub gin”, martinis, and our new shot special, the chocolate covered cherry shooter (mmm!) Sounds of Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, and Sydney Bechet replaced the regular tunes on the jukebox and Chris Dixon, our favorite local photographer, took photos in a “mug shot” photo booth that was set up in our back party room. Our patrons were happy to be able to take home a little souvenir to remember the evening!

To top it all off, the main event: Burlesque dancing by Viva Valezz! And the Velvet Hearts from Columbus, the “HilAratease” ladies from Cleveland Exotic, and local dancer, Bella Sin. Viva Valezz was voted 2010 Columbus’ Favorite Burlesque Performer.

Burlesque performance is all about appreciating your own femininity, your own unique beauty, learning to love your body no matter what size, representing beauty and grace in every color and lifestyle, and being able to perform because you love sharing your artistic expressions, and all of yourself, with an audience.” – Viva Valezz!

Bella Sin is the founder of Le Femme Mystique, a review of “real” Cleveland women. She recently graced the cover of Scene magazine and was named one of Northeast Ohio’s most interesting people. The performers did an exceptional job at entertaining the suit-and-dress clad customers, and it was a night of fun that none of us will forget.

Upcoming at the Boardwalk:

3/8- Fat Tuesday Mardi Gras Celebration, also the start of our fish-n-shrimp Lenten specials. 3/26 original entertainment by Cleveland Fats, Vernon Jones, and Gene Schwartz.

Interested in Burlesque dancing? March 5 Bella Sin will be instructing a tutorial. Contact

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Volume 3, Issue 1, Posted 12:59 PM, 03.08.2011

The magic house of Collinwood

Joseph Gentilly was your local dentist back in the 1920’s. So why would he need hidden rooms and manholes built into his house? Sounds like the set up for some terrible horror film. It turns out the local dentist was also a professional magician. If you have lived in the neighborhood long enough, chances are you’ve heard stories about the “magic house”.

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Volume 2, Issue 11, Posted 2:14 PM, 11.11.2010

Weird Collinwood: the stories that get washed ashore

Nothing extraterrestrial has to happen for Collinwood to be weird.  I’m never sure if it really is weird, or if there are just too many weird stories being told. Sometimes the stories are so detailed, that it doesn’t matter whether they actually happened or not. What does matter is that they are being passed out and keeping Collinwood history alive. Look up Collinwood, Ohio in Google and the top sites that come up are haunted sites, highlighting the Collinwood school fire. Many of the stories are contradicting each other, and I’m not sure who knows the true story, but this is what keeps people talking.

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Volume 2, Issue 7, Posted 1:34 PM, 07.09.2010

Weird Collinwood

Collinwood is a weird place and that’s even without the weird occurrences. Add in some ghost sightings, gardens overgrown with a plant you never planted, or perhaps some street prophets doling out daily horoscopes and you’ve got what I like to call home.  

“Weird Collinwood” is just the vessel for such mysteries. I’ve lived in North Collinwood for the majority of my formative years, so I’ve been witness to these strange occurrences firsthand, or at least heard about them. I was never quite sure if I was a magnet for these bizarre happenings, or if it was just because North Collinwood has an abundance of them. I once had a woman confront me in the gas station and tell me with great certainty that I would soon find lots of money and that I was special. Maybe I mistook it as her asking for money, but of course I bought a lottery ticket the next day. Not a winner, but I felt touched in some way. Perhaps this woman had a sixth sense that I should take seriously.

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Volume 2, Issue 6, Posted 4:06 AM, 06.05.2010