Report - E 185th Neighborhood Association Meeting: Our Annual Potluck Picnic

Given the way the weather's been going this summer, you can imagine our being a tad leery about our annual E 185th Neighborhood Association Potluck Picnic. And right up to the day before, the weather was doing its best to be "iffy".

Turns out, we were fine. Breeze was maybe brisker than you'd think it'd be in June, but these many years of doing events along our Lake, have taught us that that air right down by the Lake will alwaysbe moving. And cooler. And so it was. Comfortable - and dry.

So we gathered at Wildwood's Pavilion, with everyone bringing everything from lovely desserts to great salads and sides. Since we don't plan a speaker for this meeting, this annual Picnic gives us a chance to relax and chat - always a good thing. And, as always, we welcome both the Fifth District Community Engagement Officers, and Councilman Polensek to report on things around our neighborhood. (We even had a rather curious young robin there, who seemed determined to listen in, as he stayed our whole meeting. Much to the chagrin of his mom . . .) It was our usual good time, with good neighbors sharing good talk and food.

As always, we invite you to check out your local Neighborhood Association - the meetings are always listed in the Community Meetingscalendar here in the Collinwood Observer.This is your regular chance, to talk to both the Councilman, and our local Police District - and it's a great way to be active in this community of ours. 

Look forward to seeing you! (And bring a neighbor!)

See you next month!

Elva Brodnick

Chair / The E 185th Neighborhood Association

Elva Brodnick

Moved to Collinwood in 2012 - and loving it! - but have been active in the neighborhood for many years before that.

Always interested in promoting Collinwood! Euclid Beach Park, history in general (especially as part of the Collinwood Nottingham Historical Society.) A regular contributor to the Collinwood Observer, as well as very much involved in things in the neighborhood. Currently Chair of the E 185th Neighborhood Association, member of our Collinwood Nottingham Historical Society, & Chair of the Collinwood School Fire Memorial Garden Project. And 2019 Ward 8 Senior of the Year.

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Volume 11, Issue 7, Posted 12:36 PM, 07.07.2019