Tech Power to the People: A Citizens' Initiative for 2020

Collinwood,OH- CAMHP Foundation and local university students from schools of economics, political science, psychology, and sociology will work with high school seniors, including Collinwood High School to collaborate on Tech Power To the People: A Citizens’ Initiative. The initiative’s purpose is to bring to the 2020 ballot the use of Blockchain as an app tool for Ohio residents to upload identifying information and other pertinent financial information to apply, attest, and reattest for social services and benefits.

The initiative will serve as a capstone project to provide a lived experience of civic action. The capstone will move through the Ohio legislative process to present to the public the use of Blockchain to aid in the reduction of economic inequality, poverty, and neighborhood segregation.  

Currently, residents in Ohio apply online and/or in person for Medicare/Medicaid, SNAP (food stamps), child care vouchers, and government housing. The importance of addressing this through a citizens’ initiative is to bring to light the economic struggles caused by this format. The demands upon residents to comply with this application process is time consuming, ineffective, and contributes to the overall inability to stabilize economically. Social goods and services provide for a large percentage of Clevelanders’ basic needs that aid in getting to work, paying rent, purchasing goods and services that supports Cleveland.

A Blockchain app offers a secure uploading of documents that can allow approval and reattesting of information without the need to leave work, miss work, spending money on transportation, and avoid loss of documents.

The capstone project will begin January 20th, 2019; the university students will canvas the neighborhoods to collect data about residents’ experiences and knowledge of social service goods and services. All students will engage in the research process of providing information to our communities. The information collected will be used to provide student debates for the community to attend.

Anyone interested in joining our capstone as a volunteer or would like more information about the initiative please contact at us at (216)370-3250 or email us at

Josh Silva is a graduate of Miami University in English. He researches and analysis data for CAMHP Foundation.

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Volume 11, Issue 1, Posted 5:21 PM, 01.08.2019