Announcing Collinwood 2015

So what is Colllinwood 2015? Through this exciting new program, we’ll be giving artist and health practitioner teams an opportunity to propose creative solutions to improving health outcomes in the neighborhood. The Collinwood 2015 initiative engages stakeholders in thinking about how the arts can improve community health.  As a whole, these grassroots projects will help bend the upward trajectories of obesity and other chronic diseases in the neighborhood, while also activating neighborhood green spaces and getting stakeholders collectively engaged in what otherwise might seem to be an intractable problem.

Throughout 2015, we’ll be awarding $100,000 of funding to support projects in the North Shore Collinwood neighborhood ($50,000 in the current program cycle). We’re asking artist teams to propose creative solutions to improve health outcomes in the neighborhood. How can artists improve neighborhood health? For example:

What role can the arts play in increasing awareness of Medicare, Medicaid and other health insurance resources?

 How can the arts facilitate access to preventative care?

 How can artists encourage stronger and earlier prenatal care?

Can the arts reduce domestic violence?

How can artists encourage healthy eating practices?

Can the arts create opportunities for neighborhood stakeholders to join together in exercise?

Collinwood 2015 projects are available to artists of all disciplines (craft, dance, design, literary, media, music, theatre and visual) and all skill levels. Competitive applications will have a strong arts focus, but also be well-based in health practices. Therefore, we encourage artists to collaborate with health practitioners in their program concept and implementation.

For more information, go to or call us at 216-481-7660.

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Volume 7, Issue 4, Posted 8:45 PM, 04.03.2015