Collect rain, Grow veggies, & save the planet! Summer Rain Barrel Program

Free Rain Barrel Program You know rainy weather is inevitable, so let’s put the rain to good use!  Cleveland’s Summer Rain Barrel Program provides a number of rain barrels to Cleveland residents FREE. Rain barrels collect rainwater for watering your flowers, veggies, and general landscaping. And the price of rain won’t increase by 82% over the next 5 years….

Who is eligible? All homeowners in the City of Cleveland. Rain barrels are distributed on a first come, first served basis.

What is required to participate in the program? Be a homeowner in the City of Cleveland. Complete required paperwork. Have a 2” X 3” rectangular downspout on your home or garage that is not visible from the street. Install the downspout diverter by the time the rain barrel is delivered. (You will be provided the downspout diverter)

 How do I sign up for a free rain barrel? We are waiting on details from the city, but call to be put on a waiting list:Contact Kathy Adams at 216-383-9772 or by e-mail at

Kathy Adams is the project manager at Collinwood & Nottingham Villages Development Corp.

Kathy Adams

I am project manager at Collinwood & Nottingham Villages Development Corp. I have worked here since 2004, but have been associated with "CNVDC" for several years while I worked for a neighborhood business as their rep here. I lived in the Collinwood area for a good part of my life and raised a family here also. I belong to Holy Redeemer Church and although I live in Madison, I am still active with neighborhood and church. I am a widow with beautiful grandchildren and many good friends in my life. I love sports and animals and have a variety of interests beyond that. Cleveland and Collinwod are etched in my heart and will always be my first "loves."

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