Ohio’s university Students’ Fight Against Economic Segregation with Blockchain

By: Taylor Morgan and Jordan Moul

    Ohio students from the universities of Kent State, John Carroll and Cleveland State Marshall College of Law are united with the CAMHP Foundation and have written The Blockchain Tech Power to the People Initiative. Blockchain was initially designed as a digital transparent decentralized transactional ledger. Blockchain provides a transactional transparency beginning with the user’s genesis block. The user’s initial transaction creates an original identity code, which modifies with each interaction between the original user and invited viewers. This type of sharing information through blockchain can be tracked without the ability to delete, change, copy or remove transactional history.

    The Blockchain Tech Power to the PeopleInitiative is a grassroots effort to bring this type of technology to modernize, create efficiency and help reduce economic segregation for Ohioans in need of public assistance. Through our blockchain initiative, Ohioans would be able to utilize uploaded encrypted data and documents to prove eligibility and identity. This would create efficient and effective time management in the process of applying for social benefits. The use of blockchain can have a direct economic benefit in the reduction of poverty. Ohioans, through this type of transparent social benefits application process become an active participant. Such active participation engages the consumer in their own economic stabilization.

      Poverty produces a direct negative effect upon the ability of safe keeping documents that all Ohioans utilize to create economic stability. Our initiative is simple, consumer interactive, and has the flexibility to fluctuate with the overwhelming dynamics of poverty. The power of proof of eligibility and identity can be at the fingertips of all Ohioans and radically reduce the economic and stability segregation in the great state of Ohio.

For more information, please visit our website www.camhpfoundation.org or our Facebook page ‘CAMHP Foundation’ or email us at Camhpinterns@gmail.com.

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Volume 11, Issue 3, Posted 2:52 PM, 03.10.2019