An App that Keeps Your Documents Safe

Birth certificates, drivers licenses, and social security cards are valuable documents we all need to rent a house, to turn on our utilities, to attend school, and so much more. There is a technology called blockchain that can allow all of us to save our documents safely online. This system called blockchain can protect our information from hackers, ensure privacy, while allowing us unlimited use of our information to our best benefit. With blockchain, we all have the ability to provide permission to others, like caseworkers and employers, to view our information for the purpose of receiving and renewing services, seeking employment, and enrolling/re-enrolling in school.  With this secured viewing of our documents, we control access to our documents, while having the capacity to share the same documents for multiple purposes. The ability to share the same documents in multiple directions creates the power to pursue our goals for ourselves, our children, and our community.

BlockLand is a Cleveland powered movement striving to utilize the technology of blockchain to improve the lives of Clevelanders ( Personal documents are one of the most valuable assets we have to gaining access to services that are vital to our wellbeing. Currently, we are required to show our documents in person to multiple people, multiple times, in multiple offices. This face to face or telephone contact is time consuming, expensive, and economically detrimental for many Clevelanders. There’s a better way to spend our time than hours on the phone or the waiting lines at county offices. Join us in our effort to improve how we share information. Sharing information through blockchain is as simple as an app like Facebook.

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Volume 10, Issue 11, Posted 12:06 PM, 11.04.2018