Combining Blockchain with Ancient Incan Technology Local Latina Grandmother Fights Child Homelessness

The CAMHP Foundation and EPCT (Economic and Applied Psychoanalytic Chain Technologies) are currently setting up a partnership with Cuyahoga County to operate a one-year pilot project to test the use of blockchain technology and its ability to increase the quality of life while stimulating the local economy. It is this joint task force’s belief that EPCT’s eKhipu platform will provide consumers access to self-manage and navigate their personal data in a financially beneficial manner.

EPCT’s eKhipu platform is a consumer-driven and controlled personal technological depository and database. It is designed and tested by those with firsthand experience utilizing benefits to aid in the development and recovery of a consumer’s relative economic stability. The eKhipu platform’s value is in the support of a consumer’s collaborative work with his/her/their socio-economic environment. Such collaboration has the capacity to financially engage in a more beneficial manner with this socio-economic environment regardless of income or status.
The purpose of this pilot program is to help those currently at-risk or in crisis as well as to test the use of the technology to escalate or maintain public benefits participants’ economic rigor. “Economic rigor” is a concept defined by the Foundation’s matriarch Danielle Dronet as “the personal courage and endurance to effectively evaluate, develop, and manage personal finances over time”. Along with this, the program aims to decrease the following: homelessness (esp. among youth and families), workload for county employees, complaints against county employees, and redundancy in county work duties. Concurrently it also endeavors to increase: healthy positive relationships between county employees, public benefits recipients, and their government; attraction to the area as a potential residency/business location; and county revenue -along with many other exciting prospects.

The Foundation’s creator Danielle Dronet earned her Masters in social work from the University of Southern California. She has over 15 years experience in social work as a first responder investigating child abuse in Los Angeles County. To attempt to attack the issues she saw arise in her work she completed licensing training for independent psychoanalytic practice. She then moved to Cleveland, Ohio where she is now entering her fourth year as a PhD candidate at the Institute for Clinical Social Work. Danielle is a Latina grandmother with Tongva (Native American) ancestry. When she is not out trying to save the world she enjoys her pets, running, and her favorite: being with family.
The CAMHP Foundation ( is a recognized 501©3 charitable organization registered with the Ohio Attorney General Office. It was constructed by the Blue-Dronet Family to help understand the complexity of an individual’s relative economic stability through research. The purpose of which is to gain insight into a person’s economic stability through his/her/their psychological development within capitalism’s socioeconomic environment. The Foundation gives back to its South Collinwood neighborhood daily with its outreach programs and utilizes research data to partner with companies that possess technological capabilities to support a person’s relative economic stability.

Barton Wilson
Director, The CAMHP Foundation
Mobile: 440-781-1921

Barton Wilson

Resident of neighborhood since 1956. Worked on East 185th street since 1970.

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Volume 10, Issue 8, Posted 9:13 AM, 08.04.2018