Learn to Fix Computers for FREE!

Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 3-5pm through August 24th the Collinwood Recreation Center is hosting a free hands on experience where high school students can learn to rebuild computers. Industry needs computer technicians who understand how to maintain systems and the non-profit organization, Classrooms to Corporations, is conducting the FREE technology workshop for up to 12 high school students. While the initial goal is to teach students how to refurbish computers, the long-term goal is to see which students have the aptitude, desire, and discipline to enter a more formalized FREE licensing process which can lead to internships and future employment. Come check us out and bring a friend. Wanna rule the world? Learning about computers is a good start! For more information call Gary Minadeo, 440-840-6164.

Gary Minadeo

Director, Special Programs, for 501c3 Classrooms to Corporations company dedicated to motivating high school students to join the information technology maintenance community - free!!!

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Volume 10, Issue 7, Posted 3:11 PM, 07.05.2018