Children’s Garden is Planted & Ready to Water at Memorial Nottingham Library!

Scarecrow is Set to Protect the Herbs and Vegetables! Donated by Neighborhood Connections. Photo by Linda Zolten Wood

Children’s Garden is Planted & Ready to Water at Memorial Nottingham Library!

HELP is NEEDED to water the garden a few days a week, using the buckets to be filled in the corner by the full rain barrel (past the bike racks).

Herbs are ready to cut small pieces from and added to your recipes! The larger collard and leek leaves are ready to be harvested - - - - CUT – Please don't pull up the plant, THANK YOU!!

The companion game that goes with the Garden, Operation: Vegetables: The Giant Board Game of Yummy Health! Is permanently in place in the Children’s area:

Don't forget to Reserve your game day NOW: FREE at Memorial Nottingham Library, 216 623-7039 for Inside play any time! 2 to 6 children recommended, ages 7-12: Adult supervision is required. Please remove shoes on the game board. Readers are needed to help the Learning-to-Readers! Typical game takes 30 minutes.

This game and garden was designed and copyrighted by Linda Zolten Wood, director of The Collinwood Painted Rain Barrel Project, whose idea was voted YES by the community through the Ballot Box Project in 2016 to create this fun way for kids to learn about nutrition in active play. This season’s garden is supported by Neighborhood Connections and The Collinwood Painted Rain Barrel Project.

Since this pilot project was launched, she has created games for Grovewood Salvation Army, Five Pointe Community Center, Carnegie West Branch Library, along with a tabletop version for Collinwood Branch Library, and a game is being created for Sterling Branch Library this summer, sponsored by Center for Arts-Inspired Learning.

Contact to inquire about creating a painted rain barrel, painting workshop or game for your group!

See Operation: Vegetables: The Giant Board Game of Yummy Health!

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Linda Wood

Linda Zolten Wood earned her BFA from Cleveland Institute of Art in 1987 and began her career as a theater set painter at Cain Park and Prop artist at The Cleveland Play House. After watching her work destroyed in post-production, she decided to create large-scale murals for private and public spaces, intended to remain intact a bit longer. Her Upcycled Arts Workshops are influenced by 1988 travels in India, which holds a national ethic of 'no waste', in which practically everything is repaired or re-used in some way: Conservation is a way of life. The Collinwood Painted Rain Barrel Project and Zolten Wood Design received Neighborhood Connections grants (The Cleveland Foundation) to serve Rose Center of Living Well senior citizens and nearby Salvation Army children for Arts & Health programming. She was honored to receive Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson's ‘Sustainable Hero Champion’ Award at the 2014 Sustainability Summit, and has been supported by Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District to raise awareness of water conservation for residents in Greater Cleveland. Her project was also selected as Editor's Choice for ‘Best of Cleveland’ by Cleveland Magazine, 2016. Her philosophy "Art For All" offers creativity to anyone who wants to try, regardless of economics or education: she has experienced the healing of the arts in all areas of life.

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