North Collinwood is Getting Street Trees

North Collinwood has been selected by the City of Cleveland to be one of the first neighborhoods to receive street trees as an effort to restore and protect the urban forest. Our community will receive 250 new trees to be planted in the fall of 2015. Street trees generally have a positive effect on communities.

Do you know a location, or are willing to volunteer?

We are looking for streets and houses in Collinwood that need tree lawn trees. Does you street or house need trees? Nominate your street now.

In order for the tree plantings to be successful, we need residents that are willing to look after the trees. Primarily to make sure the trees are watered. We are looking at devices that hold water from one week to one month to make watering easier. Are you willing to be a tree steward?

If you would like a tree, or have location suggestions, contact Julia DiBaggio at 216-481-7660, or Northeast Shores Development, 317 E. 156th Street Cleveland, OH 44110

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Volume 7, Issue 2, Posted 10:04 PM, 02.05.2015