Moon 3 Lands on Waterloo

Photo by Bridget Caswell

Moon3 (cubed) is an invitational, guerilla-like, public art installation featuring 38 emerging and established, local and regional artists –  curated by local artist and gallery owner, Loren Naji.  Moon3 is the latest public art project by Naji, whose Satellite gallery will soon open in Collinwood with exhibition space on its interior and exterior.

Each artist was provided with a 2ft x 4ft piece of plywood to do with whatever they please.  On Saturday, January 18th, the public and the media was invited to witness history as all 38 artists will bring their own hammers and install their boards in a barn raising-like fashion on a room-size skeleton constructed by Naji.  Brooklyn-based artist Julie Schenkelberg will create an installation for the interior of the “Moon Cube”.  As of January 16th, her work will also be installed at the Sculpture Center.

Participating artists include Alenka Banco, Justin Brennan, John Carlson, Dan Corrigan, Jen Craun, Dana Depew, Andy Dreamingwolf, Steve Ehret, Ali Forbes, Punk Fargo, Hilary Gent, Michael Gill, Erin Guido, Ron Johnston, George Kocar, Joe Lanzilotta, James March, Steven Mastroianni, Liz Maugans, Jim Morano, Betsi Morris, Loren Naji, Rick Novario, Angela Oster, Bob Peck, Angelica Pozo, Melinda Placko, Ed Raffel, Thom Rossino, Julie Schenkelberg, Mike Sobeck, Grace Summanen, Omid Tavakoli, Robert Thurmer, Josh Usmani, Daive Whaley, Grace Wen and Gadi Zamir. 


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Volume 6, Issue 1, Posted 7:24 PM, 02.07.2014