Memorial School Eighth Graders Discuss High School Choices

“Going to Ginn Academy” by William Gore

I’m an 8th grader at Memorial and I’m about to write about the high school I am going to and why I’m going there.

When I was in 7th grade my cousin told me about Ginn Academy. He said that it’s an all boy school. If you go there you can play sports for different high schools. That got me wanting to go there. I found out that Ginn Academy has a 95% passing rate and they get Division 1 scholarships.

I play football and basketball so I was like, “I want to go there.” So I signed up this year. This fall I will be going to Ginn Academy. I’m playing football and basketball for Glenville and track for Collinwood and I hope to go to Ohio State and play football.

That’s why I’m writing about the high school I want to go to.

 “A Big Step in Life” by Javonte Kennedy

I’m an 8th grader. This is what I see in front of me. The high school I’m attending is John Hay. This is a great school for my future. I want to be successful in Life so I know I have to be on top of things and always paying attention.

This is a big step in life for me because I don’t want to be one of the 25% of students who drop out. I’m going to be a freshman in high school. No more horse playing. It’s time to get to studying my books.

I plant to read and do important things in the summer while I’m out of school.

“Attending a wonderful school”  by Victoria Haywood

I’m an 8th grader at Memorial School and I’d like to talk a little about what high school I am attending.

I am attending John Hay School of Science and Medicine. I really think this school will give me multiple opportunities in my life.

I chose this school because I plan to study medicine and become a doctor one day. Being a doctor, I can help save lives and cure people who are sick.

John Hay School has very excellent activities and programs. This school has about a ninety-five percent graduation rate.

John Hay has a poetry club I believe, and I love writing poetry to express myself and my feelings.

When I got accepted into such a wonderful school I didn’t know what to do, I was overwhelmed with joy. My mom and the rest of my family and friends were so proud of me.  I strive to make people proud of me and to be proud of myself.

This is an excellent accomplishment for me.

 “Home school instead of high school” by Tertea Carrington

I am an eighth grader from Memorial School. My decision is to get home schooled instead of going to high school.

My opinion is that high school is not for everyone. I want to get home schooled because I can graduate early and also go to college early.

I don’t want to go to any high schools around me because most of them are far from where I live, and I don’t want to go through the trouble with transportation.

My decision is to get homeschooled and I’m sticking to my decision.

“Playing basketball at Memorial and in high school”  by Dontes Simpson

I am an eighth grader and I think that Memorial School’s basketball team in the Erie Division is one of the best elementary teams for three years straight and I played on the team for my seventh and eighth grade years.

Mr. Stolph is one of the best basketball coaches a team player can have.

I love to play basketball. The Miami Heat is the best team and my favorite in the NBA. I really hope that they win the Finals this year which means they would get their second ring, two years straight.

I am going to East Tech to play basketball and hopefully get a scholarship to play basketball for Ohio State. If not I am going to Ginn Academy to learn brothership and get a good opportunity to go to college. Ginn is the best all boys high school to get an education, and become a more important person in life.

“Focusing on Education” by Cashmere Alyssa McRae

Hi, my name is Cashmere McRae. I’m an eighth grader at Memorial School. I am 14 years old. Today I want to talk about my 9th grade school, Collinwood. 

When I go to Collinwood I will focus on Early College.  I was told there was bad behavior at Collinwood High School but I would never let bad behavior come between me and my education. When I go to Collinwood, I would love to be a cheerleader.

When I was in eighth grade I was not always focused on education. My mind was on cheerleading, boys, sports and ways I could become a doctor. My English teacher, Ms. Valek finally  woke me up one day. She told us that everything we’ve done in eighth grade we won’t be able to do next year. That’s when I finally began to get my act together and changed my ways. I had to focus on my education and what I can do to become a doctor.

But I don’t really want to get into all of that. I’m just saying that education always comes first.

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Volume 5, Issue 5, Posted 12:10 PM, 06.07.2013