All that glitters is not's litter! Euclid Beach Trash is festive and on display on Waterloo!

Check out this trashy but festive storefront for yourself!  And don't forget to text to vote!

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If you are walking down Waterloo this month, check out the trashy storefront at Barry Hoffman Printing-- 16013 Waterloo Rd. "Trashy" literally because glittered and painted plastic trash is hanging on display amidst festive lights, glitter and ornaments! The installation, titled "All That Glitters Is Not Gold...It's Litter!" is an attempt to shed light on the issue of plastic pollution in Lake Erie. Euclid Beach Adopt-a-Beach volunteer coordinator Stephen Love partnered with architect by day and artist by night, Allison Lukacsy to develop the installation and utilize plastic trash collected from Euclid Beach park.

In a study conducted last summer by SUNY Students in partnership with the LA based 5 Gyres Institute, they found that:  "Plastic pollutants circulate in pockets of the Great Lakes at concentrations higher than any other body of water on Earth."  According to SUNY chemistry professor and project lead Sherri Mason, “No amount of plastic in the lakes is acceptable,” Mason said. “The best cure is to find ways to reduce plastic use. We’re all part of the problem, and that means we’re all part of the solution. If we change our consumer habits, we change what’s in the water.”  And we can start right here in Collinwood! All of the trash displayed is plastic trash collected from the shores of Lake Erie at Euclid Beach Park in the wake of Hurricane Sandy on November 10th. The plastic trash was collected from Adopt-a-Beach volunteers. While the storm was a single and exceptional event of destruction, its aftermath exposes in stark relief, an even more ominous  threat, growing concentrations of plastic pollution, big and small in Lake Erie.     

"All That Glitters Is Not Gold....It's Litter!" is part of a Project Pop-Up Galleries Winter Storefront Artist Competition on Waterloo. Artists have created installations in nine storefronts along Waterloo and East 156th St. that will be on display from December 1st through January 1st 2013. The installations will be entered into a contest to compete  for prizes including: 1st place award: $1,000, 2nd place award: $500, 3rd place award: $250. Text Voting started on December 1st and will continue until January 1st! TO VOTE FOR "All That Glitters Is Not Gold" TEXT 20559 to 650-515-3033

Project Pop-up Galleries Winter Storefront Competition is made possible through Collinwood Rising, a collaborative initiative of Northeast Shores and through generous grant funding by ArtPlace. Search Project Pop-Up Galleries on Facebook to learn more.

For more information on Adopt-a-Beach cleanups or helping out with the Euclid Beach Blast next summer, visit

Stephen Love

Stephen Love is a Lake Erie fanatic from Cleveland, OH. In his day job he works for the Cuyahoga Land Bank and in every other waking moment is the founder and coordinator of Euclid Beach Adopt-a-Beach Team and Euclid Beach Blast! He started Euclid Beach Blast out of a desire to explore the connections between environmental stewardship, art, public spaces, music, and community.

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