Councilman Polensek comments on recent apprehension of drug trafficking suspects

What is really important about this whole unfortunate situation that took place in our community is that the four suspects were caught and by the way, were not from our community, being from Kentucky, and were involved in a serious drug transaction in the City of Euclid. Two of the males have extensive arrest records and the other two are illegal aliens from Mexico, who are being held on a $2 million cash bond. We were very fortunate that no law enforcement officer or neighborhood resident was injured as a result of these criminals’ totally irresponsible behavior.

However, one thing is clear: I heard from numerous law enforcement officers, including FBI Agents on the scene that day, about how appreciative and impressed they were with the overwhelming support and assistance they received from community residents. Several officers specifically told me how citizens came out of their homes to assist them in identifying and tracking the suspects. Residents even offered them coffee and pastries afterwards. One officer said to me "in too many neighborhoods people see and hear nothing and do even less but in Ward 11 the citizens support the police and get involved. That is why YOUR community is a better place to live."

One other thing needs to be said: law enforcement officials really do pursue complaints they receive from the community. Had they not, there would still be a major drug operation taking place in the City of Euclid. We should all be thankful for the residents on Nauman Avenue who took a proactive approach to cleaning up their street and thereby helped the entire Northeast side. It only reinforces to me that when people do become proactive and engaged, a difference can be made and seen in the neighborhood.

Volume 4, Issue 1, Posted 6:18 PM, 01.30.2012